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Apprentice finalist Simba Rwambiwa inspires our Business students

”Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Simba Rwambiwa, Managing Director at Palmlove Care Services

You’re hired! On May 22nd, ‘The Apprentice’ finalist Simba Rwambiwa came to South & City College Birmingham’s Digbeth campus to inspire our Business students with his life lessons.

Simba is a first-gen immigrant and successful entrepreneur who grew up in Erdington, Birmingham. He wanted to be a lawyer, then an athlete, but quickly turned to business with what he learned from both. Our students found Simba’s practical wisdom invaluable:

  • Learning never stops. Failure is an opportunity.
  • People will recognise when you work hard and respect that, if you do a good job. You never know who’s watching.
  • To get better, surround yourself with people better than you. No one gets there by themselves, even Alan Sugar.

“Life happens to you? No, life happens because of you.”

Our students loved seeing a Birmingham local’s journey to success, with an honest look at the failures that paved the way.

Simba went through 3 failed business – he didn’t realise that with each successive failure he was gaining the new skills for success. Teaching himself payroll, marketing networking, HR… eventually, Simba even used his experience of his mum’s time in a care home to develop a successful Home Care business.

Trying is an opportunity to learn new skills, network and step out of your comfort zone. When Simba applied for The Apprentice, he was in a queue of 18000 for the 18 seats, a queue which just got longer. It happened, and he even got to use his Mandarin on the show to help make a sale.

The questions at the end almost went on as long as the talk… and only a couple were about what Lord Sugar is like in-person! Thank you Simba for showing our students that overcoming self-doubt is key to success, and for giving such a sneak peek at the world of Business.

Got your own idea for a Business? Well, now’s the time to try! Start a Business course at South & City College Birmingham and see just how far you can go. Great visitors like Simba are just one of many reasons to study with us.