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How long do they take?
Apprenticeships generally take between one and four years to complete. But the exact length can vary and depends on a range of factors, such as your skill level, the qualification being obtained and the industry.

Will I get paid?
The National Minimum Wage for all apprentices is £3.50 per hour. However, employers can choose to pay above this to reflect the job and the qualities of the apprentice.

Will I need any qualifications?
Employers will specify what qualifications they require for apprenticeship jobs in their business. Our staff will work with you to understand your current qualifications and to plan a learning and development programme tailored to meet your development needs and those of your employers.

What can I do after an apprenticeship?
Once you've completed your apprenticeship, you'll discuss with your employer whether you need to progress further into a higher level apprenticeship programme. Most importantly, an apprenticeship will give you the knowledge, skills and qualifications for employment in your chosen occupation and sector.