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Automotive students on road to success with Electude

On 7th June, our Level 1-3 automotive students from Bordesley Green and Longbridge were hopping on a unique learning ride! South & City College Birmingham was a stop on Electude’s touring teaching trailer – the Mobile Experience Room (EMER).

We are always excited about engaging students in new ways. The EMER helps simulate practical training of automotive maintenance while supplementing with elearning material. Students do exercises of varying skill levels on familiar automotive parts, but with the safety of not causing the vehicle, or themselves, any damage.

Electude is a Dutch-based automotive elearning and hardware company that is touring UK schools to demonstrate the effectiveness of its curriculums in light vehicles, heavy vehicles and systems technologies.

The design of the EMER is all about following the standard of Dutch learning – the importance of practical learning in with the theory, which aligns with our South & City College Birmingham learning style. Even the teachers were getting involved!

Daniel Perry, Customer Success Manager and Product Specialist for Electude, said: “The aim for us is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workshop and to engage our students in an alternative way of learning. We recognise that students need to learn in a different manner – practically, hands-on, game-ified, and our goal now, with how we produce this material, is to support the teachers to deliver in that way.”

Thanks very much Kartik, Daniel and Matt from Electude – the automotive students found it exciting and informative. It’s a fast-paced industry to stay on top of, especially in tech development.

This is just one of many examples of how our students get to interact with automotive industry experts, such as with recent visits from The AA British motoring association.

Got a skill for fixing and a love for all things automobile? Head to our website on Automotive courses at South & City College Birmingham.