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Autotech Robotics engineer upgrades Computing students with masterclass

Anwar Ahmadi, a robotics engineer currently working for Autotech Robotics in Plymouth, called in to our Digbeth and Longbridge campuses to deliver a virtual robotics masterclass for both our BTEC and T Level Digital and Computing students.

Anwar was a Birmingham local, graduating from former Bournville College and going on to do a Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics at University of Plymouth. They shared their journey and tips to get the most out of higher education and work such as the importance of networking (it’s a small industry and word gets around!), listening more and remembering to have fun.

Staff and students said the session was full of invaluable advice.

The talk included a look into his current role at Autotech Robotics. Autotech Robotics create high-quality machine tool productions, robotics and automation for rail, aerospace, gas turbine, oil & gas, energy and automotive sectors, both in the UK and abroad.

This talk was an upgrade for all of our Computing and Digital students! As they participated in the webinar on the robotics industry, these students will be one step closer to entering the working market of the future.

Students have already been inspired to go into robotics.

After Anwar’s session, at least one student that did not have a mathematics or engineering background decided they will take the jump to Engineering specifically to work in the robotics field.

This is a good lesson for all of our students from any background who think ‘I’d love to do that, but that’s not for people like me’ – grit gets grades, and you should not turn away from career opportunities out there if you are willing to work hard.

Thank Anwar for opening an exciting new world for our Computing and Digital students!

This is just one example of how we are pushing STEM forward in the Birmingham area.

We are also partnered with the GBS Institute of Technology to achieve this dream for Birmingham youth.

Our Computing and Digital courses are on the cutting edge and benefit from real industry experience – such as our recent speaker who works for IBM and is a global expert on Quantum Computing.

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