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Beyond 2022 Art Exhibition at South & City Longbridge Campus

On Friday 17th June, the Art and Design students held an art exhibition titled Beyond 2022, which showcased their end-of-year projects at South and City’s Longbridge campus.

The project launched in February and students were given 13 weeks to complete their project and four weeks to organise the exhibition.

The purpose of this project was to experience the reality of working in the creative field and looking beyond what the course entails through independent thinking and research. The students were tasked with gathering inspiration from other artists who have unique takes on their work, as well as working collaboratively to ensure the exhibition was a success.

Through this assignment, students truly understood the importance of the work that goes into curating an art exhibition, aside from creating stunning pieces of art, as this is what they’ll be exposed to in the industry.

The project was also an opportunity for students to focus on the specialist skills they intend to use in their future professions, such as ceramics, digital art, illustration, fine art etc., and a way to enhance their portfolios and demonstrate their capabilities.

It was remarkable seeing the students’ passions being depicted through their chosen art form.

Jennifer Slater, the Art & Design lecturer at South and City (Longbridge campus), said:

‘’It was important for the students to work together to make sure their work is displayed the way they want it to be.’’

‘’This has been a good comeback for them since COVID and the students worked so hard to make it happen. This has been the most successful art exhibition we’ve had’’.

Most of the students who participated in this project are going into their second year, whilst others are progressing onto university and employment. South and City College would like to wish all of the students the best of luck in their endeavours and is sure the students will be an absolute success and will take the art industry by storm!

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