If you're aged 16-19 and would like to develop your skills in sports whilst studying then we can help at South & City College Birmingham.


The college runs a cricket academy in partnership with the MEB Community Cricket Club in Bordesley Green and Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

We have full and part time courses available for those who are interested in developing cricket skills and achieving qualifications in sports.

Training for the Cricket Academy takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (1pm - 4pm) with our experienced professional coach at the indoor training centre in Edgbaston; whilst competitive league and cup fixtures are organised by the community programme at Warwickshire County Cricket Club.


The football academy is run in partnership with Football Futures Football Club. Football Futures is one of Britain's longest running inner city football clubs and has a track record of developing football players at a professional level.

We have full and part time courses for those interested in developing their football skills and gaining qualifications in sport.

Training takes place every Tuesday afternoon (1pm - 4pm) with our experienced professional coaches and the option of Saturday mornings with Football Futures FC. The competitive league and cup matches are played every Wednesday afternoon in the British Colleges Sport /and English Colleges Football Association, West Midlands League.

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