Essential Digital Skills- Presentation Software

Subject:Computing Digital and IT
Duration:Flexible - Upto 1 Week(s)
About the course

The Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQ) aim to help people develop IT skills for everyday life and work. Mastering presentation software is crucial for professionals across various industries to effectively communicate ideas, proposals, and information to diverse audiences. This course offers practical knowledge and hands-on experience to unlock the full potential of presentation software. Having a digital skills qualification on your CV will help you stand out in a competitive job market. With start dates running throughout the academic year, this short course is for anyone who wants to improve basic digital skills and could be free if you meet certain criteria. Contact us to enquire whether you are eligible.

Key areas covered in this course include understanding the fundamentals of presentation software and its applications. You will learn to input and combine text and other information within presentation slides effectively. Develop skills to structure, edit, and format presentations. Gain proficiency in preparing interactive slideshows for effective communication. Additionally, learn to evaluate presentations, identify quality problems, and respond appropriately.

What do I need?

You must be aged 19 or over and be either unemployed or earning under £30,000

Where can I progress next?

You could sign-up for further Essential Digital Skills courses in Spreadsheet and Word Processing software, take a certification qualification, such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification for PowerPoint or progress to a higher level of study in IT. Alternatively, your new found skills could see you improve your CV and job prospects.

Essential Digital Skills- Presentation Software
Career opportunities
Essential Digital Skills- Presentation Software
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Essential Digital Skills- Presentation Software
Hall Green Campus
Start date:
Flexible (23/24 Year)
Study mode:
Part time