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The Cyber Security course is a 12 week intensive retarining programme to provide you with the technical skills and knowledge to apply to the security requirements of today's workplace.

Course description

The demand for cyber security experts has grown 3 times faster than any other IT job role, and training a cyber security workforce is a priority of many governments. From confidential company data to personal information, more connections make data more vulnerable to attacks, increasing the demand for professionals with cyber security skills.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and with health and safety of our students as a priority, we have redesigned this course to include a mixture of classroom-based and online learning.

What areas will I study?

  • Learn what cyber security is and what it means for you personally and professionally
  • Learn how to be safe online by understanding the most common threats, attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Find out how businesses protect their operations from cyber-attacks and why jobs are growing
  • Study at your own pace and reinforce your understanding with activities and quizzes
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community

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