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Are you looking to learn solid skills in English, maths, IT and employability? Do you want to take part in exciting enrichment activities and get work experience? Our foundation course are for you.

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Our Foundation Learning courses will ensure you have the right foundations in place so that you can progress into a job, volunteering or another course that will give you the skills you need to find employment.

Why study Foundation Learning with us?

  • We offer a wide range of externally accredited programmes to ensure the right foundations are in place to move on
  • You can learn solid skills in English, maths, IT and employability
  • You will benefit from extra activities, such as rewarding educational trips and an enrichment programme designed to develop your personal and social skills
  • You will have the opportunity to do work experience as part of your course, so you're sure to meet lots of interesting people
  • You’ll always be well supported by a personal tutor
  • All our resourced teaching areas are a great place to learn