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This course provides the training and skills necessary for a wide range of careers within the music industry. You will develop understanding of the global commercial music sector, study musical output and techniques, and improve your creativity, professionalism and practical musicianship to a level needed for graduate employment. This full, three year Honours degree develops both the practical and transferable skills required to make you industry ready, and the contextual understanding and academic rigour inherent in high level study.

Course description

Awarded by Birmingham City University, this is a high level course with experienced staff and excellent resources. With 3 recording studios, 7 rehearsal rooms, 2 sequencing suites and a 600-capacity working venue onsite, you will enjoy the exciting, creative opportunities and supportive environment.

Your principal study can be in performance, music technology, live sound or composition. The course takes a holistic approach to musical study, with every student developing the broad range of skillsets required to become a successful music professional. Assessments are varied and innovative, and often modelled on real industry practice. You will learn through workshops, lectures, recording sessions, seminars and tutorials. You will study the theory, wider contexts and contemporary issues surrounding the global music industry and there will be regular visits from industry experts and artists.

You will also develop the musical and creative skills required by a performer, composer or producer, learn how to work well in teams and demonstrate leadership, organisation and decision-making skills. This programme will help you to develop a profile suitable for an artist looking for employment within the music industry, and to develop a clear conceptual understanding of connected issues and narratives, researching deeply into current musicology and practice.

All students receive weekly one-to-one instrumental sessions, delivered by our highly qualified visiting instrumental specialists on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard.

What areas will I study?

Year 1 key areas:

  • MIDI, audio and studio techniques (M.A.S.T.)
  • Working live (performance or live sound)
  • Contextual study in action
  • The music industry
  • Technical development (instrument, music technology or composition)
  • Creative portfolio

Year 2 key areas:

  • Production cycle (creative group commission)
  • Music business and personal development portfolio
  • Technical development 2
  • Music critique and analysis
  • Promoted showcase/product

Year 3 key areas:

  • Music as art
  • Advanced techniques for emerging artists
  • International music business realisation
  • Major project

Course options

Age range Start Fees Duration Further Information
- 14 September 2020 Duration: 9 Months £7500.00 9 Months -
Age range Start Fees Duration Further Information
- 14 September 2020 Duration: 3 Academic years £7500.00 3 Academic years -