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Do you have an interest in sport or are a talented athlete and want to develop your skills? If so, we have the perfect course for you.

The annual contribution of the sports sector to the UK economy is over £8 billion. This sector has more than 36,000 employers creating work for more than 600,000 full-time and part-time employees, and five million plus volunteers and is growing year by year.

Why study Sports with us?

  • We offer various courses from Level 1 to University Level
  • Our wide-ranging curriculum develops important transferable skills for the workplace, as well as improving your practical abilities.
  • We involve employers across Birmingham in our curriculum at every opportunity and we are also a centre of excellence for gym instructing and personal training courses, so you can be sure you are gaining relevant skills for employment.
  • You will learn from passionate teachers and coaches, who all have years of professional experience in their chosen fields.
  • Every student in the sports department has a Personalised Learning Programme; a custom plan tailored to you as an individual that ensures you gain the academic, vocational and employability skills necessary to achieve your goals and find employment upon the completion of your studies.
  • All students also have the opportunity to join the football or cricket academy alongside their studies. Train and develop your skills in state of the art facilities under the guidance of qualified coaches and play in national league cups and tournaments.