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The HND in Business and Human Resource Management provides current insight into the main aspects of business, while allowing students to specialise in developing business and human resource management skills.

Set in a global context, the HND covers recruitment and selection, preparing job descriptions and interviewing, employee training and development, and employee relations (eg handling grievances, disciplinary proceedings and redundancy). Also included are employee services, payroll and benefits, and predicting and planning for an organisation’s future staffing needs.

Course description

The HND Human Resource Management (HRM) prepares you for employment at an appropriate level in HRM field or progression to higher education/ professional qualifications by helping to develop the underpinning knowledge of theoretical HRM and related concepts.

Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the more complex HRM issues such as employee resourcing, talent management, performance management and research methods in HRM. As well as enhancing self-management skills, there is an emphasis on application of skills and knowledge to the organisation and the business context covering aspects such as organisational behaviour, business strategy, management accounting, marketing essentials, research project, resource and talent planning and employee relations.

Unit studied include:

Year 1

  • Business and the business environment
  • Marketing essentials
  • Human resource management
  • Management and operations
  • Management accounting
  • Managing a successful business project (pearson-set)
  • Entrepreneurship and small business managemen

Year 2 Research Project (Pearson-set) Organisational Behaviour Resource and Talent Planning Employee Relations Strategic Human Resource Management Human Resources – Value and Contribution to Organisational Success

What areas will I study?

Year 1

  • Business and the business environment The aim of this unit is to provide students with the background knowledge and understanding of business, the functions of an organisaiton and the wider businessenvironments in which organisaitons operate.

  • Marketing essentials This unit is designed to introduce students to the principles of marketing, enabling them to develop a basic marketing plan and employ elements of the marketing mix to achieve results.

  • Human resource management The aim of this unit is to enable students to appreciate and apply principles of effective Human Resource Management (HRM). This unit explores the tools and techniques used in the HRM to maximise the employee contribution and how to use HR methods to gain competitive advantage.

  • Management and operations This unit enables students to understand the difference between function of a manager and the role of a leader. Students will explore leadership charecteristics, behavious and traits which suport effective management and leadership.

  • Management accounting The overall aim of this unit is to introduce the fundamentals of management accounting which apply to the wider business environment and the organisations which operate within that environment.

  • Managing a successful business project (pearson-set) The aim of this unit is to offer students an opportunity to demonstarte the skills required for managing and implementing a project. On completion students will have confidence in decision-making, problem -solving and research activities.

  • Entrepreneurship and small business management This unit provides students with an understanding of the defintion and scope of entrepreneurship and an understadning of the enabler and barriers to business start up.

Year 2 *Research Project (Pearson-set) Students will choose thier own project based on a theme provided by pearson

*Organisational Behaviour This unit provides an insight into the influence culture politics and power have on the behaviour of others in an organisaiton context. On succesful completion of this unit students will have an understanding and awareness of key influences which affect the behaviour of individuals, teams and organisaitons as a whole.

*Resource and Talent Planning This unit offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge and understsnding to ensure that an organisation has the skills it requires, at the time it requires them, to meet its strategic intent.

*Employee Relations The aim of this unit is to develop students understanding of the extent to which employee relationships impact on stakeholders who are internal and external to an organisaiton.

*Strategic Human Resource Management The aim of this unit is to explore the contribution strategic HRM makes towards the development and support sustainable organisaitonal strategies. Students will develop an understanding and appreciaton of seminal and contemporary models, theories and concepts which enable HR managers to make postitive contributions to sustianable organidsaitonal change and growth from an HR perspective.

*Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisation The aim of this unit is to provide students with the opportunity to appreciate that developing knowledge and skills to achieve high performance is a cross-organisaiton activity.

The above units are subject to change.

Course options

Age range Start Fees Duration Further Information
- 14 September 2020 Duration: 2 Academic years £6165.00 2 Academic years -