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This course is ideal for those who are already working in, or training for, a technician role in the construction industry and are looking to enhance their qualifications to move to the next stage of their career. The course may also be suitable for individuals who want to enter the construction industry at trainee technician level.

Course description

You will gain a thorough grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required in the construction sector; the course is perfect for anyone who wishes to develop their career in construction. You will also gain an understanding on how emerging technologies affect the design and production phases of construction projects, develop the ability to think independently, solve problems and develop leadership and management skills.

What areas will I study?

Key units studied:

  • Individual project
  • Construction technology
  • Construction practice & management
  • Legal & statutory responsibilities in construction
  • Construction information (drawing, detailing, specification)
  • Building information modelling
  • Site supervision & operations *Surveying, measuring and setting out

Individual project (15 credits) This is a Pearson set project which changes annually, this , unit allows students to define, plan and undertake a project within the construction industry. The aim of this unit is to support students in using and applying the knowledge and skills they have developed through other areas of their studies to complete and present an individual project. In addition, this unit will provide students with key study skills that will support them in further study.

Construction technology (15 credits) This unit will introduce the different technological concepts used to enable the construction of building elements; from substructure to completion, by understanding the different functional characteristics and design considerations to be borne in mind when selecting the most suitable technological solution.

Construction information (drawing, detailing, specification) (15 credits) To achieve successful projects in the built environment requires a range of different types of information: to describe the project, quantify the materials, provide clear instructions for assembly and erection, and to allow for accurate costing and management. Throughout the process of design, construction and post-occupancy management, information is critical.

Surveying, measuring and setting out (15 credits) This unit explores the techniques used to set up controls and conduct topographic surveys. It also covers communication of results and methods of Setting-out structures.

Construction practice management (15 credits) The aim of this unit is to develop and provide students with a holistic understanding of construction practice and management processes. The knowledge from this unit will provide students with an understanding of modern construction and management; the skills, management of people and projects, and how Health & Safety have changed the perception of the construction industry.

Legal and statutory responsibilities in construction (15 credits) This unit will introduce the different areas of law that are relevant to the construction industry throughout the development process. This includes applying for planning approval to undertake construction activities and using building control regulations to evaluate building design and alterations at the preconstruction stage. The unit will explore the laws of occupiers’ liability, trespass and nuisance to manage construction activities on-site, and the legal aspects of the sale and leasing process involved in the disposal of buildings; using the law of contract and land law.

Building information modelling (15 credits) The aim of this unit is to provide students with the background knowledge and understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the context of the construction industry. Topics included in this unit are: the relationship between design, construction and operation, and the relevance of information management in regard to BIM and how these concepts influence the entire process of the way an asset is managed and maintained.

Site supervision and operations (15 credits) Through this unit students will develop the skills and techniques necessary to manage the people and processes of a building site, ensuring the quality of work, safe working practices and the interactions of different ‘trades’. Topics covered in this unit include: evaluating construction information, monitoring quality, identifying and notifying of defects, sustainable methods of construction, site safety regulations, Health & Safety regulations, people management, performance management, site meetings, contractor and sub-contractor relations.

Course options

Age range Start Fees Duration Further Information
- 14 September 2021, Duration: 2 Academic years £3100.00 (Per Academic Year) Exam Fee:£238 2 Academic years -

UCAS Application Information

Institution Name: South & City College Birmingham
UCAS Code: C151
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