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Elyse Blackshaw brings recycling to Fashion at SCCB

We need to challenge the stereotypical aesthetics of Fashion Illustration, and reflect on the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. That was the thinking behind the latest Fashion workshop with special guest Elyse Blackshaw.

Once again, students currently studying Fashion at South & City College Birmingham were wowed and amazed by another industry-professional workshop hosted by Elyse Blackshaw, a current emerging artist and freelance illustrator based in London – with a mission to reinvent fashion illustration into an art form that explores identity and provokes conversations.

Elyse’s workshop gave students the opportunity to take their work off the page, and express themselves on the walls of our Fusion campus using various different pieces of media & materials, including: photographs, coloured paper, pens and paint, and different pieces of fabric.

Throughout the day, student’s minds were opened to the different ways a message can be communicated, and how they can express themselves in more ways than one – as well as getting to work with classmates that they typically wouldn’t get the chance to collaborate with. Not only did this help to inspire ideas throughout the day, but also show learners what it’s like to work on commission with someone on different creative jobs.

A big thank you to Elyse for visiting us, and arranging such a fun-packed day of activities and exercises for our students to get involved with. If you’d like to follow her creative journey, why not visit her official website or social media for more information.

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