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Embracing Tomorrow’s Education Today: Unveiling South & City College’s RoboThespian

South & City College Birmingham introduces the latest addition to its academic arsenal: RoboThespian. This cutting-edge creation, designed and manufactured by British company Engineered Arts, is a robot that’s not just your ordinary tech, but a dynamic partner in learning.

Standing at 1.75 metres (5 ft 9 in), this animatronic marvel is a true sight to behold. Sporting LCD screens for eyes, powered by pneumatic motors and equipped to converse in over 30 languages, it’s a global sensation. This robot isn’t just a pretty face either – it boasts an aluminium chassis and a plastic body shell, weighing in at 33 kilograms (5 st 3 lbs). What’s truly astounding is its agility, with more than 30 axes of movement that make its actions fluid and lifelike.

The college’s investment in this humanoid marvel signals a pivotal leap forward and commitment to innovative education. The RoboThespian isn’t just a technological spectacle; it’s a catalyst for interactive, immersive learning. The robot doesn’t replace human educators; it enhances their efforts, offering a dynamic and tech-savvy approach.

This high-tech marvel isn’t limited to a script—it’s your live interactive showstopper! Whether it’s unravelling the mysteries of cutting-edge technology or sparking your curiosity with audience participation, this robot takes the spotlight.

But here’s where it gets seriously cool. You’re not just an onlooker; you can be in control. Imagine getting hands-on, commanding the robot via a touchscreen. How’s that for some serious power at your fingertips?

And guess what? This robot isn’t just about its flashy moves. It’s smart. With sensors that react to your waves, recognise your face, and even decode and respond to QR codes. It’s like the future is right here, in the palm of your hand.

But here’s the real deal for our college students: it’s not just about the glitz. This robot’s mission? To fire up passions for STEM: subjects like computer science and engineering. It’s all about inspiring and challenging us to dive into these fascinating fields and shape the future. It’s not just a gadget; it’s a gateway to a whole new world of technology and innovation.

Bilal Mohammed (pictured above), an engineering apprentice working to Level 3 was the first student to be introduced to RoboThespian and said, “It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen. All the things you can do with it. I’ve never seen anything like it before, I’m really impressed. You can program poses, head movements and create a script for it to speak too.”

Fancy a career working in robotics? Check out our Foundation Degree Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Awarded by University of Birmingham).