InBusiness with South & City College Birmingham

InBusiness is an exclusive business network that thrives on sharing ideas and helping businesses grow and expand, whilst crucially creating opportunities for the young people of our region.

We have a strong history of working in partnership with a wide range of businesses and organisations across the West Midlands, and have always been a strong supporter of local community-based projects and charities.

As one of the largest colleges of excellence in the region, we are leading with an initiative that is unique in the education sector. We want all of you to share our successes and build on the opportunities we generate – together.

You will automatically become a member of the exclusive college business network – InBusiness which is designed to encourage relationships between the college and the local and regional business community. Helping you build strong business relationships and being connected through a host of regular networking events and workshops attended regularly by Sir Doug Ellis OBE, Honorary President of InBusiness.

Membership includes regular communication, networking events, member workshops and presentations, student opportunities and lots, lot more.

For more information, contact the team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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