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Fashion student Zara uses creativity for good as Young Artivist

“Black Regency means a lot to me… This project is a representation of understanding and beauty, and I plan on encapsulating individual journeys through a lens that I know I don’t stand alone in having.” – Zara, Fashion & Textiles student

All rise for Zara, the Sustainability Queen! Thanks to her creativity and effort, our Fashion & Textiles student has won the chance to become a Young Artivist – a pilot programme for making campaigns of worthy art, run by Birmingham performing arts facilitators Calico. And she did all of us at the college proud!

Zara is a young artist specialising in fashion, styling and photography who uses unconventional fashion techniques to create art. She pitched a campaign called Black Regency, which you can see unfold in a beautiful capturing of life across several posts: see Zara’s work on the Calico Instagram.

Zara on capturing Positive Narratives of the Black Community

Zara’s display is a three-chapter story with atmospheric intros showing Jamaican Independence Day, poetry/music from black artists, the BLM movement, clever mirror portraits and a beautiful allotment.

“I’ve always been passionate about creating provoking art but have never been given such a unique opportunity for a collective perspective of this generation to be shared.

As someone with Caribbean and Nigerian heritage, capturing positive narratives of the black community is something I’ve been developing for a long time. But the Young Activists Incubator has been the moment to condense both my old and new archives.

I was writing songs and scripts at 4 years old, poetry too. Then using any camera I could get my hands on from the age of 8. So for 10 years it’s been building up to this point and I’ve put so much thought into this project because it’s a representation of me to the core. I didn’t want it to just be another passing concept.

Black Regency means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy all aspects of it

From the introduction period through to every chapter. This project is a representation of understanding and beauty and I plan on encapsulating individual journeys through a lens that I know I don’t stand alone in having.

The college and its Fashion & Textiles tutors help me by refining my skills. Making sure that what I’m doing is sharp and wearable. The tutors are really supportive in relation to me having big ideas. They help me bring everything to life by directing me to correct resources or simply just explaining how to do something. It all helps and goes a long way.

After college, the plan is to study Fine Art at university! I felt like this was the best choice for me because of how many mediums I use to create a final outcome. I’m a photographer, artist, stylist and writer so it just made sense to study something where I can do everything (with rationalisation) and also be philosophical about it too.”

Calico shared of Zara: “We have been absolutely blown away by Zara’s creativity and have been delighted to work with them on such an incredible campaign. We will continue to share and support her fantastic work, but if you haven’t already seen her work – check it out on our account or hers.”

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