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Global expert on Quantum Computing shares digital future with students

Quantum computing is an advanced technology based on quantum mechanics – it has the potential to change the world with powerful problem-solving in science, cryptography, medicine and more, unlike anything we have seen before. Thanks Jayesh Parashar for giving our students a glimpse into this exciting new tech.

This story was written by Robert Thacker, Head of School for Digital & Computing Studies at Digbeth campus.

Our Level 3 Computing students were privileged to be given a Masterclass demonstration of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning by Jayesh Parashar, who works for IBM and DXC Technology and is one of the top 5 experts in his field globally.

Students were introduced to the fascinating world of qubits, quantum entanglement and ‘spooky action at a distance’. These technologies are at the forefront of quantum computing advances which will increase processing power and speed significantly in the near future.

We were given a live demonstration of using Qiskit quantum computers to solve the classic Travelling Salesman Problem (what is the shortest route between 9 cities?). The system used a combination of quantum computers and Python programming which our learners study in their BTEC and T Level programmes.

Feedback from students was good, with many saying that even though it was very complicated, they could see understand the basic concepts of it and how it will be used in the real world.

Jayesh discussed the roadmap for all major tech companies involved in quantum computing such as IBM, Microsoft, HP and Google.

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