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What’s the best Pancake topping for Pancake Day?

Alright, folks, it’s time to get flipping serious. Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, has arrived, and we need topping tips for when we tuck in tonight! Here’s the question sticking around like a burnt pancake in a non-oiled pan: 

What’s YOUR favourite Pancake Day topping?

To start, we’ve got a list of the UK’s Top 10 Toppings for 2023. See if your tastes stack up with the nation’s!

10 – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Spread (5%)

9 – Peanut Butter & Banana (6%)

8 – Cheese & Ham (6%)

7 – Blueberries & Syrup (10%)

6 – Chocolate spread & Marshmallows (10%)

5 – Bacon & Syrup (11%)

4 – Banana & Syrup (14%)

3 – Chocolate Spread & Banana (20%)

2 – Chocolate Spread & Strawberries (23%)

1 – Lemon & Sugar (61%!!!)

Poll by Whole Earth and Perspectus

Wow, the traditional Lemon & Sugar has absolutely dominated. Whether you think that’s a UK classic for a reason, or you think that’s the boring ‘Vanilla’ / ‘Ready Salted’ of the pancake world – there’s room in the kitchen for everyone!

There’s definitely some fun flavours missing though…

More Tasty Toppings you MUST try

Cheese & Caramelised Onion. Savoury & sweet, the sophisticated salted caramel of toppings.

Toffee Sauce, Banana & Cream. Long Live Banofee, the sticky supreme.

Cherry Jam & Almonds. No cherry love on the UK list?! It’s a staple of desserts.

Chocolate, Fudge & Orange. A bit of zest to break through the choc indulgence.

Shrove-spiration from Around the World!

Shrove Tuesday is a Christian celebration to empty food cupboards before fasting for Lent. It takes many different forms beyond the UK Pancake Day.

  • Denmark ‘Fastelavn’ involves breaking a barrel with a cat picture on it to chase away evil spirits, an old tradition that once involved hitting barrels with REAL ‘evil’ cats in…
  • Iceland, Finland & Estonia celebrate with Pea Soup
  • Spain ‘Día de la Tortilla’ is Omelette Day
  • Canada Pancakes have a hidden coin in the mix, meaning good fortune to whoever gets it
  • Louisiana, USA ‘Mardi Gras’, or Fat Tuesday, has garish King Cakes hiding a plastic baby Jesus – the slice with him in has to bring the cake next year
  • Lithuania ‘Uzgavenes’ Festival, or Fasting Festival, is for pranks and superstitions such as wearing masks to scare off Winter and dressing up as goats, devils or witches
  • Poland ‘Tlusty czwartek’, or ‘Fat Thursday’, is for munching Paczki, a doughnut-like pastry with a hint of orange zest
Let’s serve up

So what’re you waiting for, Birmingham? Grab a pan and start on your favourite. Whatever celebrates who you are and what you love will always be the #1 choice.