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Positive Thinking Tips & Tunes to help beat exams

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – PELÉ

First, here’s an exam-ready playlist for your Positive Thinking.

We’ve got some top tips for your revision, your stress and for the day of your exams. Believe in yourself – you’ve got this!

Quick Tips: Start by being nice to your brain

It’s where all of ‘you’ is, after all! For every tip below, good braincare is the foundation.

Brains are simple pets that just need a bit of care to keep them happy this exam season.

  • Drink water and eat healthy.
    Would you eat junk food if training for a marathon? Well, this is a brain marathon! Brain-friendly foods are fish, nuts, yoghurts and blueberries.
  • Sleep well and exercise.
    All-nighters are bad for your brain’s anxiety. 8-9 hours are best for focus and calm.
  • Take breaks every 45-60 mins.
    Brains don’t like cramming! They need to stop and process.
  • Give it treats.
    Do something you like as a reward for finishing things.

Congratulations! You are now a trained owner of an exam-ready brain. You’re ready to start revising!

Revision Tips: Make your studying easier

How do you like to learn?

That’s the ultimate question that will really help you prepare your revision. It’s got to be personal for you.

  1. Make a realistic schedule.
    How long do you have and what should you cover? Break courses down into easy chunks. Revise for a few hours each day, and mix your subjects up to keep it fresh.
  2. Make your perfect study sanctum.
    Like to study alone or with a friend? Music or quiet? Messy or tidy? Tea or coffee? A pet or a pillow? Make your space comfortable and well-lit, with a window for fresh air.
  3. Look at past tests.
    Before you revise, look at a past test so you know what to expect. Then, after you’ve revised, give one a go to see if you’re feeling confident.
  4. Use memory techniques.
    Our brains love colour + ‘active’ info. So, personalise your notes. Use visual aids like diagrams & mind maps. Make acronyms or a story. And repetition… repetition… repetition!

One of the most successful memory techniques is to imagine placing important items around your room, like big boards with dates hanging on your door, window, desk, bed… so you can mentally ‘walk’ around them later when you need to remember.

Stress Tips: Take care of your anxieties

It’s totally normal to get anxious about exams! A little stress helps you try harder, but let’s make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

A good schedule and healthy brain will help, but try these too.

  1. Breathe…
    Breathe deep and slow. Count the breaths. Focus on the small for a moment.
  2. Believe in yourself.
    Remind yourself how far you have come and how prepared you are.
  3. Think positive.
    Negative thinking can become habit. Luckily, so can positive thinking! Try reframing the same bad thought to something good.
  4. Ask for help and talk to people.
    This is hard for a lot of people. If you are struggling, tell people who make you feel safe, such as friends, family or your tutor. There’s no shame in getting professional help.

Exam Tips: Plan out the exam day

  1. Start the day right.
    Do your braincare – get a full night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, hydrate. Bring everything you need. Get in early to keep your stress down.
  2. Read the exam instructions.
    Take a minute to soak in, and plan time for tackling each question.
  3. Don’t worry about panicking.
    It’s okay, it happens to a lot of students. Count some deep breaths. Break down the problem and take it one small bit at a time. Try and think logically.
  4. Finish and forget.
    Well done! Now, try not to spend too long thinking about how you did. It’s out of your hands now – time to think about the next one!

See, it’s not that bad when you break it down! We believe in you.

Share your personal exam season tips (or some great study music) on social media with us.