Thursday, 28 July 2016 10:58

Mike Hopkins becomes Interim Principal of Bournville College

Mike Hopkins, Principal of South and City College Birmingham, will take over as Interim Principal at Bournville College on Monday, 1 August. The news follows the recent announcement of a merger between South and City College Birmingham and Bournville College, as an outcome of the Birmingham and Solihull Further Education Area Review.

Mike will take over from Michele Sutton CBE, who has been an Interim Principal of Bournville College since January 2014, in preparation for the merger of two colleges later in the year. He will retain his role at South and City College Birmingham.

Mike said: "This is an exciting development for Birmingham and will secure the future of Bournville College which will remain at the state of the art campus in Longbridge and continue operating under the current brand. The merger will take two very good colleges and create an excellent one. As we go into the future, we will be able to develop our curriculum, offering our students more choice and progression opportunities. Excellent financial and organisational stability will allow increased investment in facilities and resources, both physical and teaching, ultimately resulting in a better learning experience for our students."

Mike started in FE in 1993 as Director of Corporate Services and Clerk to the Corporation at what was then South Birmingham College, with a turnover of less than £10 million. He was responsible for bringing about a merger with City College in 2012 to what is now South and City College Birmingham. After the merger with Bournville College, the turnover will be over £73 million.

A consultation on the merger was held between March and April this year. The merger is expected to be formally approved by the Government during 2016/17 academic year.

Any applications to Bournville College or South and City College Birmingham can be made on their respective websites as normal.