Mustafa Gamme: “I never would have got into university without the Access to Higher Education course”

College News and Communications
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 10:24

Mustafa Gamme came to South and City College Birmingham to study Access to Higher Education (Science). Now studying Optometry at university, here’s what he had to say to our Alumni Team about returning to education and his future career plans.
Mustafa believes that the Access to Higher Education course and his excellent tutor helped him get where he is today.

“I never would have got into university without the Access course and everything that I accomplished at South and City College Birmingham,” he said. “Everything I studied at college was helpful but the most beneficial things that I learnt were communication, critical thinking, creativity and building relationships.”

Thanks to his time at college, Mustafa was well prepared for the challenges that come with university study, such as “time management and meeting deadlines.”

“I’d like to thank my tutor, Harpreet, in particular for the great job she did in preparing us all for university. Her support was appreciated by every one of my classmates.”

Mustafa is currently studying Optometry at the prestigious University of Manchester and is hoping to pursue a successful career in optometry, working at a local hospital. He currently works as an Interpreter for Pearl Linguistics and has been involved in volunteer social work.

For Mustafa, helping people is one of the biggest draws of his chosen line of work. “I want to be a successful optometrist and use all of the time and knowledge that I have to support the community around me,” he said.

Finally, Mustafa had some words of advice to others hoping to go to university. “Build the mentality of fighting for success while you are in college,” he said. “I got into the practice of revising every unit before I learnt it in class, so I could prepare some questions.

“Any delays mean pressure and stress during exams, so keep on top of your studies throughout the course, not just at the end. Being committed and dedicated is crucial to success.”