A Pharmacist in the making

College News and Communications
Monday, 08 April 2019 15:10


Zahir Sidiqkhil, originally from Afghanistan, is on his way to becoming a pharmacist thanks to South & City College Birmingham.

Zahir Sidiqkhil was nine years old when he came to the UK from Afghanistan, without a word of English. He joined the College in 2015 to study Applied Science. 

Zahir has progressed from Level 1 to Level 3 qualifications, loving his time at the College. His most memorable practical lesson was about forensic science, where students needed to identify a fictional murderer through finger print analysis and use chromatography to identify a pen that was used for a signature.

“Choosing to study science at South & City College has been one of my best life choices.” Zahir explained, “I have learned so much, had new experiences and taken part in many exciting research and practical projects.”

Zahir is now hoping to go to Coventry University to eventually become a pharmacist. His advice to other students who want to follow in his footsteps is: “Make sure you always start any assignment when it’s first given, as it will be fresh in your mind and because you will also have deadlines for other assignments.”

Wise words Zahir, we wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a pharmacist.

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