Lloyds Bank visit Bournville College to give advice to students

College News and Communications
Thursday, 25 July 2019 10:18


Sixty-three corporate managers from Lloyds Bank visited a packed Bournville College sports hall to talk to 180 students from multiple subject areas. Students spent the morning learning about goal setting and improving their employability opportunities. 

In the afternoon they were split into teams of 5 to work on enterprise skills. Students were asked to come up with an idea for an app, working on who the app is for, what it should do, why it’s needed, how it will be marketed and how it will sell. All this was to be put into a pitch that would be presented at the end of the day.

Students enjoyed the day so much, that 100 corporate managers will be returning to the college during induction week in September, to help students set goals for the next academic year.