Cruising to a career in Travel and Tourism

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Thursday, 01 August 2019 15:10


19 year old Kevia Lewis, originally from St Kitts in the Caribbean, though now lives in Aston, has just completed the first year of her Level 3 course in Travel and Tourism.

At aged 16, Kevia began studying a Level 1 course in Travel and Tourism with South & City College and has now progressed to being just one year away from going to university.

“It’s great studying at South & City College.” Kevia said. “I’ve been on so many trips to places such as London, Liverpool, a 3-night cruise from Southampton to France, two weeks of work experience at a travel agents in Spain, and Flybe cabin crew training which was a lot of fun.”

The inspiration for Kevia’s passion for travel started when she was young and living on the island of St Kitts. As she lived close to the airport, she would regularly see planes take-off and land.

Kevia will be spending the summer break starting to look at universities and courses in preparation for 2020.

Britain’s tourism industry will be worth over £220 billion by 2025, supporting almost 3.8 million jobs, which is around 11% of the total UK employment figures.

Is a career in Travel and Tourism for you?

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