Anumta: Prosthetic Event Success

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Monday, 02 December 2019 14:08

Anumta media makeup
Meg (the model) and Anumta (our L5 student) with Neill Gorton who is a Prosthetic Make-up Designer
Anumta, one of South and City’s Foundation Degree Media Make-up Level 5 students took part in a professional prosthetics competition at the end of November at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. As well as being used heavily in film and TV, creative prosthetics are also found in theatre, live events, cosplay, tourist attractions and casualty simulation. The event was organised by Neill Gorton, who has worked on the special effects makeup for films and shows such as Dr Who and Judge Dredd.

Competing with professionals who have been in the make-up and prosthetics industry for years, Anumta was the only student who took part, solo, and without the help of an assistant like many of the other competitors.

She applied a whopping 12 prosthetic pieces and undertook a full body art in just 6 hours! All pieces were sculpted by her and moulds and prosthetics were all made by hand with the support of her tutor Pam who encouraged her to do the competition. These were all skills learnt on her course with such a beautiful result.

Anumta said of the event, “It was a great experience to represent my college and my course. It was amazing! Meeting and competing next to other professionals was incredible. It's been a great challenge and journey to actually take part in my first competition and I hope to do more!”

Evlynn Bakewell, Hair & Beauty Technician said, “Anumta started at the college as a Level 2 student, with English as her second language, so she has come such a long way since starting her journey with us. Her practical skills are phenomenal and were really showcased during the competition to many industry professionals. Competitions such as these have given her a platform to network.”

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