Alumni’s ambition to reach for the stars

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019 13:14

JordanSmall Eng

Jordan Small, 24 from Longbridge, studied Electrical Engineering at Bournville back in 2013-15. Since leaving the college, Jordan has gone on to get a 1st in a Masters in Engineering (MEng) from University of Birmingham.

Jordan went to many college open days before choosing Bournville. He explains, “I could see Bournville was a great campus, but it also offered the perfect course for me to follow my ambition. It had all of the modules I wanted to study and I also got the opportunity to speak to tutors about potential career options.”

He continued, “I really enjoyed my time at college and the life skills I learned, really helped me at university: the self-study and the desire to learn. Once you get to university, these are the skills you really need.”

Since graduation in 2019, Jordan is already working for an automotive firm ZF in Solihull. He’s working on a very interesting project which involves the software for radar systems in the next generation of cars that will be able to drive themselves. Radar will be critical for autonomous vehicles to avoid obstacles, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and keep pedestrians safe.

In the future, Jordan’s ambition is to reach for the stars, working for a company like Space X, pushing technology as far as possible.

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