From Notepad to Google

College News and Communications
Wednesday, 08 January 2020 10:34


Alex Marcu, 17 and from Sparkbrook, has just started his second term studying ICT (Information & Communications Technology) at Level 2. Having been interested in tech from a young age, studying ICT was a natural choice. His friends and family call him the ‘tech guru’ and even at the tender age of ten, was regularly asked his advice about which gadget was the best to buy. Alex is a big fan of many tech vloggers on YouTube, with Unbox Therapy being his favourite.

During his first term, the course has taught Alex how to code for websites. Coding in HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) from scratch using Notepad, he has created a website about his home country of Romania, covering its history, food and culture.

When asked what he wants to do after the course Alex explained “It’s still early days, I’m not sure whether I will continue studying a Level 3 course, or whether I will go and find a job. But I would really love to work for Google, programming for apps and games.

Information technology is central to the global economy, with businesses relying on IT and valuing those who work in the industry. There are around 1.2 million people working in IT In the UK and 87,000 in the West Midlands. It is expected that employment in the IT sector will grow nearly five times faster than the UK average over the next ten years, and this will provide more jobs in the West Midlands too.

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