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Monday, 03 February 2020 13:05

Kay Green
Kay Green, a mum of two and a current Level 3 Motor Vehicle student from Frankley, came to the rescue of Lesley, a damsel in distress just before Christmas 2019.

Lesley had broken down at a busy junction on the Bristol Road during morning rush-hour traffic. Kay had just dropped her kids off at school and saw the broken down car, so pulled in and offered help. All of the warning lights had come up on the dashboard and Lesley was unsure what to do. Kay moved the car to somewhere safer and out of the way. She happened to have a diagnostic computer to plug in to find out what the problem was.

Although Lesley’s husband was on the way, she was getting fraught as the car was just out of warranty and the dealership didn’t want to know, and her roadside recovery were also not interested as technically the car was still running, although very slowly.

Kay cleared the faults and reset the computer to see if it would solve the problems and after a quick drive around the block, all seemed fine. Lesley’s husband Barry followed her home to ensure the fault didn’t happen again. Lesley and Barry wanted to offer Kay a reward, however she refused saying, “It’s Christmas, merry Christmas.”

Lesley contacted the college wanting to further thank Kay for her time and trouble, saying “We are so grateful to her and she was so kind and knowledgeable. Would you please pass on our gratitude? She is a real credit to your college!”

Kay’s ambition once she has finished her Level 3 course is to go on to study at Level 4 and also to complete her teacher training, so that she can become a Motor Vehicle tutor. We wish her all the best.
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