National Careers Week - Focus on: Barbering

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Friday, 28 February 2020 13:34


From Monday 2nd - Saturday 7th March it is National Careers Week. This is a week long celebration of careers guidance and free resources aimed at helping young people during an important stage of the academic year which will support those young people preparing to leave education. We're going to focus on three different careers during the week and share the top reasons to get into that industry as well as a few general facts. First up is Barbering:

Thought about a career in barbering?
Barbers cut and style men’s hair and beards using a variety tools.

Barbering has really taken off with men paying a great deal more attention to how they wish to see themselves. Male grooming continues to evolve as a result of social media and the need to look ‘Instagram’ ready. According to The Telegraph, barber shops were the fastest growing retail category in 2018 and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. And with that comes a greater requirement for barbers in the industry. So if you’re looking to become a barber, you could well be in great demand.

How much do barbers earn?
According to, how much you will earn will depend on your experience and how many hours you work a week. For example, as a junior barber, you could expect to earn between £40 and £60 per day. Depending on how many days a week you work, this could be equivalent to £18,000 to £24,000 annual salary.

For more experienced barbers you could expect the daily pay and annual salary to be significantly more than this, for example, anywhere between £60 to £200 depending on your experience level and where you are based.

Top reasons to choose barbering as a career
Be your own boss.
The industry offers plenty of opportunities to open your own barber shop, or rent a chair and someone else’s shop. With this comes the freedom and flexibility to choose your own working hours.

Growing industry
One of the biggest challenges facing many barbershop owners at the moment is the lack of quality barbers currently in the industry. As already mentioned, barber shops have been the fastest growing retail sector and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Job Security
As hair never stops growing, men will always need barbers regardless of the state of the economy, so you will always be in demand.

As a barber, you will be able to work wherever you find yourself in the world. Travelling with your barbering will also help you to become a better barber. You’ll learn new skills and different methods thanks to the diverse cultures you’ll be immersed in.

Opportunity to be creative
Barbering offers a great opportunity to share creativity with the world. Some of today’s trends definitely require a touch of artistic flair, which makes creating them all the more satisfying.

It’s never too late to train as a barber or develop your barbering skills. South & City College teaches hairdressing and barbering courses from three of our campuses in purpose built salons, including the dedicated barber shop at our Digbeth campus.

Inspired to become a barber? Visit