National Careers Week - Focus on: Business

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Thursday, 05 March 2020 09:29

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From Monday 2nd - Saturday 7th March it is National Careers Week. This is a week long celebration of careers guidance and free resources aimed at helping young people during an important stage of the academic year which will support those young people preparing to leave education. We're going to focus on three different careers during the week and share the top reasons to get into that industry as well as a few general facts. we've had Barbering, Robotics, and finally is Business:

Thought about a career in Business?
When thinking about what career you might like to pursue, you should take into consideration what it could offer you over your lifetime.
Business careers will suit people who like to interact with others, make decisions and get things done. In order to succeed you will need good people skills and some common sense.
There are many specialisms within the broader business discipline, including: accounting, administration, management, data analysis, marketing, human resources (HR) and consulting to name a few.
If you are not sure where your interests lie, do some research about the different areas of business and try to learn as much as you can

Top reasons to choose business as a career:
Those that study business often have more job security, as business people are required in virtually all industries and will be in demand even when the economic situation is poor.

Work anywhere
A business career gives you the flexibility to work anywhere in the country or even the world.

Opportunity to specialise
You could specialise in management, marketing, human resources, accounting, or business finance. You could also choose to specialise in a specific industry such as the fashion industry or in the non-profit sector.

Transferable skills
Some people find that at some point in their career they would like a change. In business, this is much easier to do than with other professional careers due to many skills are transferable between industries or perhaps you could even start your own business.

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