Body Armour Donation for South & City College Public Services Students

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Thursday, 19 March 2020 13:13

New body armuor

South & City College Birmingham are pleased to showcase some of the 'top of the range' personal body armour that has kindly been donated by Chris Laios, from Safeguard Armour, which is one of Europe's biggest suppliers. They supply to the military, police forces and security companies around the world.

This donation was made under SafeGuard’s initiative to support colleges by enhancing the quality of their educational programmes. The brand's bulletproof vests provide students with learning experiences that advance their knowledge and skills. It is being used by the college to give Public Services students an idea of what it's like to work in the police, UK Border Agency and the security industry; where body armour is part of the uniform.

Photos show students practising their 'stop and search' techniques, wearing the armour. The police have the power to ‘stop and search’ if an officer has reasonable grounds to believe a person to have been involved in a crime, or think that they are in possession of a prohibited item.

Ricardo Marconi, Public Services tutor thanked Safeguard Armour for their generosity, saying, “This generously donated equipment will provide the kind of practical experience that our students may well go on to use in their future careers. It will also help them understand how this equipment can protect them against guns and knives.”

Public Services student Bianca said, “It really gives me the confidence to search someone, knowing I have body armour, and it's not as heavy as I thought.

Fellow student Ansar added that it made the session “More lifelike.”

If you want to work in the uniformed services such as Police, Fire, Ambulance, Army, Navy or Air Force, taking one of our Public Services courses is an ideal first step.

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