Online learning: helpful resources for students and parents

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Monday, 30 March 2020 13:14

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After UK colleges and schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, many parents and students are now required to work or study from home. This throws up a fair few challenges, some of which we’ve addressed in our blog post on top tips for studying at home.

With shops and libraries closed too, accessing learning resources can be difficult for many students and parents. Luckily, there are a range of free online resources that can help you study for your course at home.

Many of these resources will also be invaluable to parents who, alongside those of college age, may have younger children who are off school and need to continue learning.

To save you digging around, we’ve pulled together a list of great online learning tools to help with study, reading and education.

BBC Bitesize

BBC’s reliable, user-friendly Bitesize service now features a section for 16+, as well as great content for younger siblings and children.

Visit BBC Bitesize

Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success is an interactive online learning tool designed for international students who are preparing to study further or higher education in the UK. This handy website offers activity-based learning resources to help you pick up skills needed for effective study and learn about different aspects of academic life in the UK.

Prepare for Success

British Council

The British Council offers a range of resources for teachers and schools, which can just as easily be used by parents, adult learners and students alike.

Find resources on the British Council website.

Many Books

If it’s books you’re after, Many Books has you covered! The website features a wide selection of modern and classic books for adults, teenagers and children. With over 50,000 free titles to choose from, there’s something for all tastes and the books are available in most e-reader formats.

Visit Many Books

Family Days Tried And Tested

With think-outside-the-box activities like rap battles and toddler car washes, there are loads of brilliant ideas to inspire all those parents with kids to keep entertained.

Get inspired! Visit Family Days Tried And Tested.

The Imagination Tree

The Imagination Tree provides a handy stay-at-home survival guide for parents who are social distancing or self-isolating at home with their children.

Read the guide on the Imagination Tree website.