Game on - South & City students plan to set-up esports team and tournament

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Wednesday, 06 May 2020 14:25

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Esports is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant digital industries in the world. From Fifa to Fortnite, it’s all about playing video games competitively, usually over the internet or via networked computers. Players compete either solo or in teams and, at the very top, prize money for winning often hits huge sums.

2019 was a record breaking year: over 4,000 esports tournaments and over £170m given in prize money. The youngest winner of $1m was 13-year-old Argentinian Thiago Lapp, whose combined winnings at the first Fortnite World Cup in 2019 made him a Guinness World Record holder.

But despite the size of this lucrative industry, South & City College is one of only three UK colleges to let students study esports.

Luke Kulczycki, 18 and from Castle Bromwich, started with South & City College as a Level 2 IT student. He has progressed to be now studying his second year of Level 3 Animation and Visual Effects, with an additional esports module. South & City are currently only the third college in the UK to offer students the ability to study esports.

Luke is no stranger to esports, being a competitive and sponsored player himself, he is now enjoying learning about the different jobs available in the industry, implications of law, business models and sponsorship, together with how to set-up tournaments.

Not only are students planning to set-up their own tournament, there are plans to create a competitive South & City esports team which Luke would like to join, however it will depend on the game. He explains, “The game is really important when playing competitively. A player of one game who then changes to another, is like a professional footballer then becoming a basketball player.”

Luke is dedicated to playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) online up to 30 hours a week in a team from all over Europe.

Once he has completed his course, Luke’s ambition is to join a successful and professional team in competitions, whilst becoming an influencer within the industry.

To join this rapidly growing international industry, study Level 3 esports Business, Industry and Tourism with us.