Why study Art and Design?

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021 09:30


Creativity is possibly the first word that will pop in your head when you think of art and design. Creativity is one of the most sought-after traits by employers in the 21st century, as it leads to innovative thinking to come up with new solutions to problems. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was fond of saying his success was due to him hiring artists and musicians fascinated by technology rather than computer specialists.

Birmingham’s artistic history

Birmingham’s culture of art and design goes back to the mid-18th century and the industrial revolution. Whilst other early industrial town economies such as Manchester were based on the bulk manufacture of cotton and wool, Birmingham was built on the production of luxury finished manufactured goods made from metal and glass. The historic Jewellery Quarter, which produces 40% of all the jewellery made in the UK, has arguably older roots. The sale of these goods was dependent on high-quality art and design.

Why art and design?

There are many broad areas that are covered within art and design courses, that will help turn your passion into a career. A qualification in art and design isn’t just about paintings or photos, you’ll also learn all about the management side of the industry, which will help you to succeed in a competitive job market. Other skills you’ll develop include hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, problem solving and communication, as well as exercising creativity. 21st century art and design is also taking advantage of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and 3d printing.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities include fashion or graphic designer, photographer, fine artist, animator, web designer, illustrator, video game developer and interior designer to name but a few.

Why study art and design with South & City College?

Our art and design courses are ideal for those looking to develop their existing creativity and skills, as well as learn new skills and techniques along the way. If you’re creatively minded, you will thrive in this environment where you can learn from others, discover your talent and gain a credible qualification. We have spacious art and design studios and workshops, with high-quality specialist resources and you’ll get to work on live projects from external clients or with artists in residence, getting real-world experience. You’ll also get to work on the end of year exhibition, which will give you experience in producing your own art and managing the complexities of an exhibition.

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