From Morocco to Maths Major – A Level Success Story

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Friday, 14 August 2020 10:52

Hanaa Bouf Tah A Levels

Hanaa Bouftah, 21 and from Bordesley Green has just received her A Level results and received an impressive A*AA*A in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. She studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry at Longbridge (formally Bournville College) and studied Further Maths additionally at home, though supported by her Maths tutor.

Hanaa’s time with the college started at an open day held at the Bordesley Green campus where she enrolled to study GCSE maths and English, as her school qualifications from her native home Morocco, were not sufficient for her to study A Levels straight away. After a year of studying at Bordesley Green, she then changed campus to Longbridge to study two years at A Level.

With a place already offered to her by University of Birmingham to study maths, Hanaa’s dilemma now is whether to study for three years, or whether to study for four years and take a year studying abroad. Hanaa’s ultimate ambition is to become a maths professor and teach at university level, however she is also keen to start work as soon as possible.
When asked about what she enjoyed about studying at South & City College, she said that the facilities and tutors were excellent. “We had everything we needed to do our practicals and to succeed with our learning. The tutors were always so helpful. It was also fun, I was exposed to other cultures, made new friends and regularly wound-down playing volley ball or dodge ball in the gym hall.”

Hanaa’s brother is following in her footsteps and is just a year behind and although studying the same A Levels with South & City College, his dream is to become a pharmacist.
When asked what advice she would give her younger self, knowing what she knows now, she explained, “Instead of over working yourself and creating a state of stress and anxiety, give yourself plenty of rest. Study in short bursts and reward yourself for work well done. Make a plan for each day for how long you will study and what you want to achieve.”

We wish Hanaa much success at university and hope to catch up with her again in the future to find out how university life is going.
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