College English lecturer over the moon at first book being published

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020 10:41

Book cover

Susan Mountford, an English lecturer based at the Golden Hilllock campus of South & City College Birmingham could well become the next JK Rowling after having her first book ‘Moon Gate’ published and available for purchase at the end of September 2020.

Moon Gate is targeted at 11 to 15 year olds and is a contemporary fantasy tale about a 14 year old girl, Alice, who finds out she is descended from a long line of faery folk and whose destiny it is to protect humanity from the return, through the Moon Gate, of the Horned King.

Susan has always enjoyed writing and has used some of the short stories written for her children, (now in their 30’s with first grandchild on the way) as teaching aides for her students, to show how to construct a story and use language effectively.

The book came about because of a personal challenge set in early 2018 between Heather James, a fellow South & City English lecturer and Susan, to write the first chapter of a book. Both felt the collective urge to do something creative, something they felt was missing from their lives at that point in time. From there, the characters and story that Susan had created magically took on a life of their own and the book almost wrote itself. Whilst Heather’s creative itch took a different path to drawing. She is a very talented artist.

Once Susan finished the book in August of 2018, she submitted her finished manuscript to five publishers and four accepted and agreed to publish. Out of the four, she chose Austin Macauley, as their contract seemed the best and offered the most support and the best marketing plan. Though the latter has unfortunately been stymied, due to Covid-19.

Moon Gate is already available to pre-order now and available to buy through your normal bookshops as a hard and paper back and e-book from 30th September. When Susan was asked whether it was yet available as an audio book, she said no, however she already has a wish-list of either Jennifer Saunders or Moira Stewart to be the voice that brings the story to life.

The sequel to Moon Gate is already nearly finished and due for completion by the end of the year. We will have to wait to see the success of the first book before the next one gets published.

If you wish to support Susan’s burgeoning literary career, you can obviously buy her book, which will make a superb Christmas present, however you can also request the book via your local library and this won’t cost you anything. Susan will soon have social media channels for you to follow and share content. You can also purchase the book by clicking here.

We wish Susan much success and hope that Moon Gate quickly hits the best seller list.