7 Reasons to Start a Career in Plumbing

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Tuesday, 30 March 2021 11:51

Students fix piping in plumbing and gas workshop

Plumbers work in industry, homes and businesses. Plumbers could be fitting, servicing and repairing drainage or heating systems or installing water supplies or appliances such as washing machines and showers.

Across the UK there is a shortage of trained plumbers and this is good news for you if you are thinking of taking up the trade. Not only should you be able to find employment easily, but you will also have good long term job security.

Becoming a plumber could lead you to become an entrepreneur. When you have finished your plumbing course and spent a few years working with experienced professionals, you’ll then have the expertise required to start your own business and be your own boss.

How much can you earn as a trained plumber?

Newly qualified plumbers with limited experience usually need to work in an employed job. Often in the first few years of work, plumbers earn less than the national average. Those plumbers that are qualified and with plenty of experience and self-employed plumbers with a good reputation can earn a lot of money and often earn over £40,000 per year.

Top reasons to become a plumber

  • It’s a lucrative trade especially with the national shortage of plumbers, so you should never be out of work
  • It’s a skill for life and you could work anywhere
  • Plumbers are needed regardless of how the economy is performing
  • When you start out with training, you can quickly progress, which means you can always advance and that is something most people look for in a job
  • You can be a hero when you fix a leak in someone’s house and you can be satisfied with the good job you’ve done
  • Once you have enough experience, you could set-up your own business and become your own boss
  • The government is promising to build 300,000 houses, which will all need plumbing installed

Now is a great time to learn a trade and plumbing is no exception.

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