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Laying bare the history of AIDS in art

If you have been to Centenary Square recently, you might have seen the unfurling of a very special Birmingham community art exhibit – the Cover Up Quilts.

The 52 quilt display is a collage of haunting stats, shocking moments of all-too-recent history and deeply personal memorials that help frame the HIV & AIDS pandemic with a humbling human element.

Conceived by local artist Garry Jones, with help from over 40 local schools and community groups including our college, the exhibit is designed to educate on over 40 years of HIV & AIDS and to memorialise the millions lost. Garry also creatively spearheaded the city’s Ribbon memorials.

We could not be more proud of the Fashion students and staff from our college who took part in bringing the quilts to life. So many loved ones have been lost to HIV & AIDS – it is such a vital topic to bring awareness to, and everyone rose to the challenge wonderfully.

The Cover Up exhibit is spread across the Library of Birmingham, The Rep, The Symphony Hall and the Exchange. It’s a worthy visit!

Fashion, like all art, really has the power to challenge and change the world. Has this you inspired to become part of the South & City family? You can check our Fashion courses here.