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LJ Create demo is driving force for Automotive students

Automotive students at our Bordesley Green campus got a look at a new hybrid vehicle simulator from LJ Create, before any other college in the country. This first look is a first step at putting our students first place in the automotive industry!

LJ Create has been providing award-winning technical learning for over 40 years, developing hands-on practical tools with the latest software and technology. These simulators are about making sure students have real motor vehicle skills for industry careers, and aren’t just learning to pass exams. It’s balancing theory and practical to make the experience memorable for our students.

There were individual sessions for our Level 2 & Level 3 vocational courses, and for our National Express apprentices. Students were also given access to the online version of the software for future study.

This was an exciting opportunity for our automotive students to develop their knowledge on Hybrids and Electric vehicles in a practical and fun environment. They were very engaged and asked many technical questions about the simulator’s capabilities, such as if it could simulate AC or DC current.

Thanks very much to Ross Procter and Steve Tulk for coming down! We love working with suppliers who as just as excited as we are to get the best out of young people.

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Just recently our students got a work experience collab with Europe Connexion in Spain, and before that were visited by Electude’s Mobile Experience Room.

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