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Longbridge Music students strike a chord at The Rainbow

Drop the mics! What a show! Our Longbridge music students played a sensational and scorching setlist. The gig was another collab with The Rainbow pub, winner of ‘best music venue’ at the Birmingham Music Awards 2022.

As a part of their course progression and assessments in Music Performance, the students had to devise, develop and deliver their own setlists to be performed live on March 30th.

It was a professional level gig through and through, with the tech and show proceedings even organised by our own Music Production students using the high-end industry equipment at The Rainbow. Though the show started at 6pm, students were there as early as 4pm to do tech tests and rehearsals.

Each performer brought their own shine to the show, from soaring solo guitar ballads to ground-shaking heavy metal anthems. Covers included such iconic artists as Queen, Adele, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and System of a Down, along with original tunes composed by our students.

This will be a first step on the road to greatness for many of our Longbridge performers and producers, and we can’t wait to see these stars ascend. Well done one and all! Performing can be hard enough without assessment nerves too, but a good live show hits deep into our souls – music is a core of being human, a universal love beyond language.

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