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Music student’s song wins golden ticket chance

You hear that? It’s the sound of success! Congratulations to Matt Trenfield, a first year Music Production student at our Bournville campus, who has won the opportunity to have a track he produced featured in a new advertisement for a local social justice and sustainability group – CHI Unlimited.

A proud Birmingham local, Matt spent the last 10 years bouncing from warehouses to retail to office jobs, before finally realising he wasn’t happy. He started a course at South & City College Birmingham to work towards his dream job – making and producing music.

Matt got into music thanks to his mum’s ‘eclectic taste’, with a lot of time in the car listening to rubbish trance songs. He was 15 when he started making music on guitar, and now he’s just sold his first song thanks to an opportunity while studying at South & City College Birmingham.

Listen to Matt’s winning song here.

“It all started with the college,” said Matt. “My tutor said she’s got an opportunity for a £150 prize. Danielle, the rep from CHI, came to our class and said that she’s after a piece of music for a promotional video that they’re doing. I thought ‘I’ll have a bit of that’, and get it on my CV too!”

Matt admits he found the experience pretty nerve-wracking, seeing it as a test if he deserved to be taking this path, an experience a lot of students can relate to.

Music Tutors Angie and Jon said: “Matt worked professionally with the client, listening and responding to feedback to create a great sounding track that met the brief. We are both very pleased for him.”

“I definitely would recommend a Music Production course at SCCB,” Matt said happily. “I love having access to quality studios and equipment! When I’m at home I can’t have it nearly as loud without someone banging on the door.

“I love all the guys in the class. Jon and Angie are wicked teachers, they do it right. Their knowledge is amazing. There’s a good balance between the freedom to be creative and not just being left alone.

“I just feel there’s a good vibe. And there’s a lot going on musically around Brum so I feel like the music I make is very much of my area.”

We wish Matt all the best in what is surely the first step to creating the soundtrack of a long and rewarding career.

Time to start your own music journey with these local great opportunities? Press play on a Music course at our Bournville campus. There’s plenty of time for a September 2023 start!