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Public Services student trip to ‘Tally Ho’ Police Engagement Day

It’s a fair cop! Our Public Services students got to see some of the exciting career options that the long arm of the law comes with. Thanks very much to West Midlands Police for having South & City College Birmingham students for an engagement day at Tally Ho Training Centre, Edgbaston. Yes, ‘Tally Ho’, you read that name right!

Students got to talk to specialist teams within the service and the police recruitment team who were advising learners in their next steps. It was an amazing opportunity both for future career knowledge and just as a fun day out.

There was loads of hands-on moments and great demonstrations. The National Police Air Service landed a helicopter and allowed students to come and inspect it before they took off again.

Students also got to see Police Drones in action, saw inside Road Harm Prevention Team vehicles with all their specialised equipment, and even had the Forensic Science Department giving light training on how crimes are detected forensically with their scientific gear.

The Armed Response Team talked about the intensive levels of training and grit their roles require, while the West Midlands Police Dog Unit did a run-through of how their dogs are trained to understand special commands for in the field.

It was an incredible experience, and eye-opening to lots of our students about the possibilities, strengths and challenges of each career path in the West Midlands Police. The learning from this trip for our Public Services students is reinforced by our college alumni speakers now working for the police service.

South & City College Birmingham have had some fabulous collaborations with the West Midlands Police before. Our students have had the privilege of taking part in an award-winning powerful VR experience to prevent violent crime, and knife crime prevention presentations called Precious Lives from speakers with life-changing stories to share.

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