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Quick Guide to Higher Education at SCCB

Did you know? We actually offer many university level courses at South & City College Birmingham, at our Digbeth and Longbridge campuses.

Enrolment’s going on, so it’s on everyone’s mind! Higher Education is a great opportunity to develop yourself and your CV with a strong qualification. Do you often wonder what a higher education course is like? Wonder no more!

Many people ask themselves: “Is higher education really for me…?”

Matt Davis thought the same thing – he studied bricklaying in 2010, thought he was done with education. He then came back to retake his GCSEs in 2017. His new love of physics transformed his life, and this year he starts at Birmingham Uni to study astrophysics.

There’s many paths into higher education and many amazing courses so you can decide: what’s the right choice for you?

What is a higher education course?

‘University level’ covers all Levels after Level 3 (A Levels, T Levels, BTECs etc.)

  • Level 4s are Higher National Certificates or equivalent (CertHEs, Higher Apprenticeships etc.). Typically take 1 year.
  • Level 5 are Higher National Diplomas or equivalent (DipHEs, Foundation Degrees etc.). Typically take 2 years.
  • Level 6 are Undergraduate Degrees or equivalent (Degree Apprenticeships etc.). Typically take 3 years.

At SCCB… There’s a huge variety of courses just at our college: Business, Music, Construction, Engineering, Sport, Education & Training, Electrical, Art & Design, Fashion, Healthcare, Accounting, Computing and more. At the end you will have a qualification if you pass the course.

Why should I do a higher education course?

University level courses will develop your Mind, Passion, Life Skills and Job Prospects.

  • MIND – You will learn, well, how to learn! Along with becoming the point of the spear in your field.
  • PASSION – Study a course that speaks to you as a person and has you wake up excited.
  • LIFE SKILLS – With the independence of higher education you will master your organisation, communication, time management and teamwork, all invaluable skills for life.
  • PROSPECTS – Get an internationally recognised qualification, make your CV more attractive and increase your earning potential.

Why should I do a HE course at SCCB?

We understand life does not stop for studying. We have flexible options for study that can help balance with your work and life, such as day release.

South & City College Birmingham also keep our courses affordable while maintaining quality.

We have modern facilities and supportive tutors with real industry experience. If you have studied with us already, this is a great opportunity to stay with tutors and classmates that you know.

The college vibe is much more about your own independence. You’re responsible for meeting your workload and have many freedoms as result. Students say teachers are more like friends.

How do I get onto a higher education course at SCCB?

First, check our course list. Got the Entry Requirements for the one you want? Contact us or come for an Open Day.

Cannot meet the Entry Requirements for our courses? You can do Level 3 qualifications with us over a couple of years, or do an Access to HE course to get university ready in 1 year.

What financial help is there?

Student Loans are available for most students doing a full-time course. These will cover your tuition payments. Part-time courses are available if doing enough content.

Maintenance Loans are available to help pay for daily needs.

Advanced Learner Loans can be written off if you do an Access to HE course and continue on to uni.

Extra support is available, so look it up! Applicants with individual needs or with children and dependants may also be available, such as the Parents’ Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant, Adult Dependants’ Grant, Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs), and others.

So, now you know that studying higher education with us is the right choice! We can’t wait for you to join South & City College Birmingham!