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South & City Academy – A Student’s Perspective

Sixteen-year-old Tegan Evans from Rubery is full of praise for South and City Academy having graduated this summer.

With different curriculum pathways and access to outstanding vocational facilities, our academy is the ideal place for your son or daughter to study. 

Tegan spent this past year with the academy studying science, geography, maths and English. She is planning to continue in education to study criminology, psychology and applied science. Before joining the academy, Tegan was homeschooled for two years after she started to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. The academy is well placed to provide a transition for home-schooled students, allowing them to adapt to an academic setting at a key stage of their education.

“The teachers are very nice and the support I received was excellent,” Tegan explains. “The teachers made the environment comfortable. If they saw me having a bad day, they’d notice and give me space or try and distract me.”

She already has plans to go to Aberystwyth University after college to study all the way to PhD level and become a criminology psychologist. Tegan’s dream is to help catch the most serious and dangerous criminals.

When asked whether she would recommend the academy to others she said, “Yes, definitely. The staff are very understanding, open and honest. They also treat you like an adult.”

Her advice to other students about to start with the academy or the college is to, “Stick it out. It may not feel like life will work out at the time, but persist, follow your dreams and you will get to where you want to be.” Wise words from someone so young.

South & City Academy was inspected by Ofsted in November 2018 and judged to be ‘good’. Specifically, it was praised for its broad and balanced curriculum, strong and productive relationships between staff and pupils, and for the progress pupils make in a safe environment.

“Pupils feel safe. They trust their teachers and other adults and they value the support they receive. Relationships between staff and pupils are warm and respectful. Pupils recognise and appreciate the care that staff provide.” (Ofsted)

For more information about South & City Academy visit or to make an enquiry, email or call 0121 477 1562.