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South & City College Birmingham in the Community Forum

This platform was launched by our SCCB Community Team (above).

This is a first step to improving Birmingham lives through collaborative partnerships with over 160 businesses, community/support organisations, charities, housing associations, places of worship, sport and leisure facilities, international media, retailers, NHS, Birmingham City Council, Armed Forces, Crimestoppers and West Midlands Police.

Exclusive attendance from Simon Foster (West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner), Kash Ali (European Heavyweight Champion), Richard Towers (sparring partner of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury) and Dele Adebola (former Birmingham City and Coventry City footballer).

What we do is honestly to help Birmingham,” said Mike Hopkins, Principal. “It’s not just about getting people into jobs, it’s about helping communities and doing the things that are required. It’s about what we can do for Birmingham itself. It does transform people and can make a big difference.”

How can we work together to improve the lives of people in the local community?

Turns out, the first spark was to bring the community together. Our bustling event at Bordesley Green Campus at the end of April was a winning first step on the path to answering this burning question.

The campus was brimming with visitors making valuable network connections. This was an opportunity to blend with everyone across the local spectrum and inform local communities about how we may work together to provide opportunities for local residents.

But enough from us – Let’s hear from the attendees themselves!

  • “Absolute pleasure to be here this evening at SCCB, engaging with the community, meeting people and talking about how we can work together to improve the lives of people within the community.”
    Simon Foster (West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner)
  • “My life has been given back to the community through boxing, so when I heard about this event, I wanted to attend. Tonight there is a real community vibe. It’s amazing to see the work the Community Team are doing at grassroots level to work with local partners to better the lives of communities from all backgrounds. I look forward to working with the Community Team in the future.”
    Richard Towers (Professional Boxing Coach and sparring partner of Anthony Joshua and World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury) 
  • “What a remarkable event! I’ve never seen so many different organisations and people from all backgrounds bought together for one reason: ‘Community’. I have travelled from Rotherham today to attend this amazing event and am excited about working with the Community Team in the future.”
    Kash Ali (European Heavyweight Champion)
  • “Today I am here at SCCB at the community engagement event. I think events like these are instrumental in creating opportunities for the local businesses and the communities to come together, meet each other and feel inspired and empowered by each other’s experiences, confidence and resilience.”
    Mir Bukhtawar (Vice Consul of the Pakistan Consulate Birmingham)
  • “I thought it was a good event, very positive and especially the atmosphere which was excellent. There was Community groups from all different organisations such as Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, Businesses, Educational Establishments, Local People and organisations across all the East Birmingham and wider areas. I would like to come again to these kind of events with my colleagues from the East Birmingham Inclusive Growth Programme.”
    James Carless (Principal Programme Officer East Birmingham Inclusive Growth Programme)
  • “The event was organised by the SCCB Community Team who aimed to bring influential people together for the greater good of the local community. I personally made many new contacts and was able to share and offer the support of Crimestoppers and our promise of anonymity when reporting crime.”
    Alan Edwards (Crimestoppers)
  • “A very successful networking event at the SCCB site at Bordesley Green Campus. Mike Hopkins spoke at the event and it really was a remarkable gathering of business and community leaders from across the city. I’d like to congratulate the College for hosting such a helpful occasion.”
    Tom Thomas (St Christopher’s Church Springfield) 
  • “We are here today at SCCB, to meet local stakeholders, different businesses and different organisations that work in the area, to discuss how we can work together to enhance the value of cadets.”
    Major Ansar Shaikh (Officer Commanding Warwickshire and Midlands Army Cadet Force)
  • “It was really well organised and lots of great networking opportunities’ with different partners. We have worked with Zaf for many years and always found him really supportive of our continued partnerships work with WMP, we also set up a breakfast club several years ago which has continued throughout this time with local officers who attend depending on commitments, this has been useful in breaking down barriers with students and police.”
    Georgina Johnstone (Engagement and Consultation officer Birmingham NPU, West Midlands Police)
  • “I absolutely loved this event, bringing so many people from diverse communities into one place to talk about how we can work together. I look forward to collaborative work with the SCCB Community Team.”
    Dele Adebola (former Birmingham City and Coventry City footballer)

A special shout-out to our sponsors West Midlands Catering, Subway and Prima Lujo Automobile, who brilliantly kept the crowd fed and watered and to the SCCB Community Team who built these contacts and hosted so well!