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Student success stories from A Level Results Day 2023
From left to right – Karuna, Seyedeh and Daniel opening their A Level results

Wow, we did it! You did it! Well done everyone for making it through Results Day – we are immensely proud here at the college. Longbridge campus was a hotpot of heightened emotions, from jumping joy to quiet disappointment, but if you made it this far that’s a success in itself. This was a huge day for deciding your next step. No matter the result on the paper, there is always a path forward to exciting options and careers.

We spoke to three student success stories on the day, who were thrilled to take this chance to look back at their time with our college, and look forward to their next step.

Seyedeh studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths.  
She is going on to Medicine at Bristol University.

“I did my GCSEs at SCCB and just finished my A Levels here as well in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I want to do Medicine at uni, so I could have picked from a lot of science options, but I was quite good in Maths so I didn’t want to risk it!

I really enjoyed my Maths lessons here at South & City College Birmingham. It was a lesson I always looked forward to, it was very fun. I learnt so much, loved my teacher Mr. Patel, my classmates were all great. The whole 2 years, Maths was the best thing ever.

I’m so used to saying ‘hopefully’ but no, I actually AM going to Bristol now! But I have deferred my entry by choice because I need a gap year. My place is guaranteed now that I’ve got my grades so 2024, September, I’ll be in Bristol studying medicine.” 

Karuna studied Media, Film Studies and English Lang/Lit. 
He is going on to Film & Creative Writing at University of Birmingham to become a Director. 

“I chose this college because it provided a lot of opportunities for me and had the right courses for me. I wanted all of my subjects to synergise with my goal of becoming a director in the future. 

There’s been some very good and inspirational teachers here. My Film Studies teacher Donna Drew just taught me about Linkedin, guided me in the right direction about what contacts to get to be a director. The tutors give really good guidance and they feel like actual humans as well, that’s the good thing about the college. You can talk to them, they’re like your friend.

As for tips going to A Levels, be prepared for a lot of coursework. All my subjects had coursework, the first year it’s alright. For the second year it all piled on. I recommend balancing everything out, organise yourself, keep at it and get it done on time.”

Daniel is studying Politics, Law and English Lang/Lit. 
He will be starting his second year at SCCB in September. 

“I chose SCCB because of the range of courses – this is the only college I could find that was doing both Law and Politics at A Level that was local. This is my first year so I will be continuing on for A2 and potentially be going to university after.  

I would definitely recommend my A Level courses to new students. Law is quite a content-heavy course but our teacher has always gone above and beyond, including extra sessions to make sure everyone’s up-to-date on the content.  

We break up the work with group activities, sometimes the cases get role-played out as mooting (mock trials). We had a trip to Westminster and a couple of us even got into the Supreme Court at lunch time, which was very interesting.”  

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