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Students support West Midlands Police for Operation Sceptre

“13 students participated and were accompanied by staff members and the police team. It was an eye opener for the students who really enjoyed the day and especially the experience in giving back to the community.”

Zaf Mohammed, Community Liaison Officer

Over a dozen of our own South & City College Birmingham students volunteered to spend a morning helping out West Midlands Police with Operation Sceptre.

Operation Sceptre was a week-long campaign in November – part of a national awareness push about serious knife crime and the horrifying consequences of youth violence.

With the West Midlands Police and college staff, our students took part in a sweep of a local park in the Bordesley Green area.

For our students, college experience is as much about growing as a person as it is achieving grades and work opportunities. It was a tremendous demonstration of their community spirit and commitment to bettering Birmingham as active, engaged citizens. Well done, all!

This event was arranged as a collaboration between the West Midlands Police and our own South & City College Birmingham Community team, who also run our essential Community Forums where we seek to better the local area with conversations between the right organisations.

South & City College Birmingham have an excellent working relationship with West Midlands Police to educate our students and better their lives in Birmingham. That includes speakers on individuals rights, and their Award-Winning VR workshop ‘Virtual Decisions’ that gave an interactive look for our students at the small decisions that lead to violent crime.