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Style on a Budget shows looking good doesn’t cost

The catwalks are lit, the judges are here! It wasn’t The Voice – it was South & City College Birmingham’s very own self-made student models, here for the Style on a Budget 2023 challenge!

The classy contest came back for another year thanks to its enduring popularity among students and staff. The task each time is simple: Can you dress for a Job Interview on just £50? It’s a thrifty challenge that becomes more relevant each passing year with the cost-of-living rise.

Our campuses all have the same goal to break out your best without breaking the bank. Students design their look, model it in front of a cheering college crowd, and then practise answering some Job Interview questions about how they assembled the outfit and what sort of role they are looking for.

During the show, valuable knowledge was dropped about job interview Do’s and Don’ts, with a fun demonstration of how not to make a good impression. Knowing how to tackle what is otherwise one of the most nerve-wracking parts of life outside of college is another invaluable social learning tool for our students.

After all that, it was down to the Judges to decide our winners and runners-up!

A special shout-out to all our models who bravely took part (and looked fabulous), with huge thanks as well to our staff for making it happen (in style) and our supportive students clapping in the crowd. Roll on 2024!

You can see Hall Green contestants rocking their looks on our TikTok.