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Swinging into Learning: Go Ape Day with Our Tourist Trailblazers

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Travel and Tourism students as they kick-started the academic year in style with a thrilling adventure to Go Ape in Coventry. Our young explorers, tasked with exploring top UK tourist spots and matching them with diverse customer preferences, were blessed with a sunny October day (though a touch nippy!).

The morning session saw our intrepid learners take on the exhilarating “Treetop Challenge.” Balancing on high platforms and maneuvering through the treetop canopy, they navigated a trio of daring courses, all while safely harnessed in. As if that wasn’t enough, they pushed their boundaries by taking breathtaking 100m zip-line descents at speeds topping 20 mph!

Come the afternoon, the group dove into ground-based challenges, where teamwork was the key to success. With guidance from their instructors, they had to concoct ingenious solutions to navigate the forest floor, armed with just two planks of wood and some trusty ropes. To top it off, they faced the ultimate test: preventing a fictional nuclear reactor leak! These engaging activities were not only a blast but also honed their problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

This outing marked the Travel and Tourism team’s debut at Go Ape, and their verdict? A resounding recommendation to other college departments seeking a day of enjoyment and challenge for their students.